Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership is the only course of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to develop emotional intelligence and resilience as a leader but how to use self-leadership skills to negotiate win-win outcomes in your interactions with your team. This will develop a positive work culture and enable workplace wellbeing to thrive.

Before I Tell You About This Course for Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership, Let us Talk About Who This Digital Course is Really For:

You are a leader with no shortage of drive to empower your team to achieve successful outcomes. This is despite navigating emotion-charged situations to invest in yourself knowing this will enable you to understand and relate to your team using the skills and strategies in emotional competence.

Whether You Are:


A corporate executive with the heart to care in getting the best out of your team alongside having a focus on maintaining wellbeing in the workplace and being fully aware you are capable of much more as a leader.


A CEO who is passionate about building a culture of resilience and emotional intelligence skills in leadership to increase successful outcomes across the business with the drive to be the change.


A leader who is feeling overwhelmed in navigating emotion-charged situations and finding it challenging to understand and relate to your team during uncertainty and change.


You are in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how the digital course in Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership will give you the tools, inspiration and support in your journey to lead confidently with a balance in head and heart - rationality and emotions.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Developed self-awareness in understanding the impact of emotional triggers, how these are linked to personal values, what drives your habitual emotional responses and how these responses impact your team.


  • Being consistent in your emotional responses and actions as a leader to develop the trust from your team.


  • Built the strategies to have self-control in knowing what your limitations are, setting boundaries and maintaining your well-being with some sustainable habits for mind and body.


  • Developed the self-belief as a leader through clarity in your vision and goals as a team and seeing congruence towards these to sustain the momentum.


  • The ability to ‘tune in’ to your emotional responses and those of others to shape emotion-charged situations positively.


  • The ability to increase employee engagement through your emotional responses to increase successful team outcomes.


See what some of my past 1:1 coaching clients have to say...

“Catherine - Your approach was very genuine, respectful and supportive. You showed empathy and helped to identify strengths. Your approach enabled me to be aware of what I want to do, what it will take and how it will make me feel.  Thank you.” - Karen

“Catherine, you showed empathy and respect which enabled me to explore my irrational thoughts that needed to be addressed, thank you.” - Daniela

“Catherine picked up my body language and feelings. She asked some great questions to find out more information. Catherine showed an overall understanding of my situation with respect shown, thank you.” - Tam

Buy the digital course Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership for a one-time payment of $297 today.

Success Stories

My clients Ann & Tim came to me for leadership development coaching...

Ann - Key Objectives

  1. Developing executive resilience as a leader to have clarity and direction.
  2. Build the skills to ‘tune in’ to her team to enable her to express the necessary support during organisational change.
  3. Reduce the emotional overwhelm of the team’s emotional responses during the changes.
  4. Create sustainable healthy habits to maintain wellbeing.


Successful Outcomes for Ann

  1. Ann gained clarity and direction by identifying the team vision with a shared strategy of how to achieve this as a team. This process became a driver for change by redefining roles and responsibilities giving them clarity and direction.
  2. Ann created a space for her team to raise their concerns, share problems, create solutions together and identify unrealised strengths in regular team check-ins.
  3. Ann developed the skills to coach her team through organisational change by helping them to align with their values and draw on their strengths to establish agreed responsibilities.  This enabled the team to work more effectively together.
  4. Ann prioritised regular exercise and effective work routines for physical and mental wellbeing.


Tim - Key Objectives

  1. Priorities to meet the unrealistic expectations of an executive team with conflicting timeframes of multiple tasks.
  2. Building an effective team with the necessary skills and competencies to complete a project within a set time frame.


Successful Outcomes for Tim

  1. Tim identified the priorities and time frames for the project by focusing on the desired future outcome and creating a strategy to achieve this with delegated tasks for the team.
  2. Tim identified competency gaps through skills assessments and trained the team to meet the needs of the organisation.
  3. Tim gained the skills, competences, and insights to complete the project as a team within the set time frame.

What is inside Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership?

The course framework is based on the needs of my previous clients and I created this course to meet those client needs.

Module 1

  • Understanding why self-awareness is important to develop as a leader
  • Developing an understanding of your emotional triggers and why these are linked to personal values.
  • Understanding how emotional competence takes emotional intelligence a step further.
  • Learning how spirituality is linked to our emotional responses.
  • How you can label and reappraise emotions to have a constructive approach.


  • Knowing your emotional triggers to enable you to take charge of your emotional responses.
  • Clarity in what your personal values are to ensure you are aligned in your vision and goals.


Module 2

  • Understanding the emotional pressures and conflict in the workplace.
  • Learning about the impact of leading with a balance in head and heart.
  • Understanding the power in your ability to control, influence and accept situations as a leader.


  • Identifying what may be preventing you from leading with a balance in head and heart.
  • Recognising the impact in having the ability to control, influence or accept a situation in the workplace.

Module 3

  • Developing your self-belief in your ability to achieve.
  • How you can use resourcefulness, robustness, and resilience to handle challenging situations.


  • Building your self-belief by aligning with your vision, goals and having congruence towards your goals.
  • Knowing how to seek direction when there is misalignment in the team.
  • Knowing how you can use resourcefulness as a resilience skill to handle a challenging situation.
  • Identifying how you can develop robustness as a leader to handle challenging situations.
  • Building resilience as a leader to enable you and your team to continue the course to advance despite adversity.
  • Using transactional analysis to negotiate positive win-win outcomes as a leader.

Module 4

  • How you can be an assertive leader in your communication.
  • Understanding how being aware of your limitations can help you.
  • How prioritising your health impacts how you ‘show up’ as a leader.
  • Learning how to recognise and avoid burnout for yourself and your team.


  • Being an assertive leader with confident, clear, and controlled communication.
  • Prioritising your wellbeing and the ability to maintain this through sustainable healthy habits.
  • Knowing how to recognise and avoid burnout for you and your team.


Module 5

  • Understanding how you can take charge of your emotional responses with a holistic understanding of the 4 dimensions of them.
  • Developing an understanding of how you can reshape your perceptions of situations through embodied self-awareness.
  • How your values shape your emotional competence as a leader to positively impact your team.


  • Taking charge of your emotional responses to increase your impact as a leader.
  • Developing a skill to reshape your perception of a challenging situation enabling you to remain calm and controlled.
  • Knowing how to use emotional competence to build a culture of trust, respect, resilience, and wellbeing in the workplace.

When You Enroll During this Limited Period, You Will Get:

Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership (Equivalent $1245 Value of 5 hours of 1:1 coaching sessions)


  • Develop self-awareness to be your best self as a leader.
  • Learn how to ‘tune in’ to your emotional responses, those of your team and master active listening to increase employee engagement and enable workplace wellbeing to thrive. 
  • Understand how you can take charge of your emotional responses with a holistic approach to increase the positive impact you have on your team.
  • Understand the power in your ability to control, influence and accept situations as a leader.
  • Build resilience as a leader, be resourceful and robust to create a workplace culture to advance despite adversity.

You will be given access to one module per week so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons to execute that portion of the framework BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the overwhelm of learning multiple skills over a short period of time.

Plus, These Bonuses to Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum (And Keep It) When You Begin The Course

Bonus 1 – ($249 Value) Helping Your Team Become ‘Unstuck’

A guide to help you as a leader of 6 points to consider building rapport and trust with your team with a session plan to enable you to express support during emotion-charged situations.   This guide would usually be used in a 1-hour coaching session with a client.


  • Knowing the 6 aspects to consider when building rapport and trust.
  • Being prepared with a 6-point plan for addressing the concerns of individuals during emotion-charged situations.


Bonus 2 - ($249 Value) What Are The Top Core Competencies As A Leader?

A guide to the top core competencies required of you as a leader and how to apply each of these when leading yourself, leading others, and leading the organisation.  This guide would usually be used in a 1-hour coaching session with a client.


  • Learning some key strategies to develop the top core competencies to increase the impact you can make as a leader.

When you add it all up, that is a total real-world value of $1743 with a backed by risk free 30-day Guarantee:

Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership is the most comprehensive step-by-step course for leaders who are excited and COMMITTED about investing in themselves for the benefit of their team.

By the end of these 30 days, you will have received access to the BONUS resources and all of the modules.

This means you will have had the opportunity to begin to put your learning into action.

If you don’t feel you are seeing the benefits for yourself of this course, simply reach out within 30 days, show us you have put in the work by emailing your completed worksheets and reason for requesting a refund to  We will then refund your investment.  


  • Do I need to have any prior leadership qualifications before taking the course?

    No, you do not need to have any prior leadership qualifications before taking this course.

  • Do I need to have a certain number of years’ leadership experience before taking the course?

    No, you do not need any prior experience as a leader before taking the course.

  • I have recently stepped into my first leadership role. Is this course going to be too advanced for me?

    No, this course is suitable for all leaders at a suitable pace for everyone. The beauty of this course is that you can go at your own pace and complete the worksheets in your own time.

  • When I join Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership, will I have immediate access to all the modules and lessons on the course?

    Each module will be released on a weekly basis once the first module has been released. Therefore, the course is across 5 weeks to enable you to complete the worksheets in between.

  • Will Catherine be available and accessible to answer questions if I get stuck or need additional support?

    Yes, you can contact Catherine at anytime while taking the course. Catherine will be available to answer any questions or provide additional support by email or by arranging a telephone appointment. You can request a telephone appointment by emailing

Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership

Are you ready to invest in yourself as a leader?

You should give the Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership digital course a try if you are motivated by any of the following:

You want to take charge of your emotional responses to positively impact your team when navigating emotion-charged situations.

You want to build and sustain the momentum of a resilience culture to enable your team to keep going no matter what.

You want to increase trust and respect to build an effective team to increase positive team outcomes.

Whether it’s a super demanding role as a new leader of a small team or an experienced corporate executive leading a large team, you are fully aware that you don’t have the know-how in navigating emotion-charged situations to know what to say or when to say it to express the necessary support to your team.

More importantly, you would prefer not to spend any more time on trying to address the concerns of your team without the skills to respond positively and constructively because in return, you take on unnecessary overwhelm as a leader.

This is why you are motivated beyond measure to invest the next few weeks to better yourself as a leader with a toolbox of skills and strategies you can use to lead with a balance in rationality and emotions.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over the 5 weeks of the digital course…

Developing emotional competence skills in emotional intelligence and resilience has changed my mindset and perception of challenging situations.  

I can navigate uncertainty more easily than ever before.  These skills have also enabled me to shape emotion-charged situations positively through my emotional responses.

 I have experienced firsthand what it feels like to be a leader without the skills to express the necessary support to my team. 

I have also been part of multiple teams with leaders who lacked the ability to ‘tune in’ to emotional responses.  Employee disengagement and disconnection was the outcome in both scenarios.   

Seeing the need for self-leadership skills, I began coaching 1:1 clients to develop these skills which resulted in positive team outcomes as you will have read in the section on client success stories.

More than anything else, I want to share this 5-step framework with you today because of the positive impact it will have on you and your team.  I am passionate about coaching for lifelong health and my framework will give you a new mindset for positive change and help you to maintain your wellbeing as a leader.

If you are a leader of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what investing to be your best self in the workplace looks like.

To experience firsthand the self-belief, drive, and impact that self-leadership skills provide – and to take real tangible steps to transform your leadership approach to positively impact others.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this digital course will be transformational for you and your team.

All the best,

Catherine Wood

Executive Resilience Coach at Life Renewal

Mastering Emotional Competence in Leadership